Using a Referral Agency to Place Your Loved One

Why Choose to Work with a Local Referral Agency?

When it comes time to explore care options for a loved one, the process can seem overwhelming and many families have no idea where to start or who to turn for help.  With hundreds of licensed senior care facilities in Sacramento and surrounding counties, a generic list of care facilities will not do a family much good, as each facility is unique in their pricing, staffing, aesthetics and the level of care they are equipped to provide.  Every senior is also unique with respect to their care needs, diagnoses, and desires in a care facility.  An experienced agency will help educate you on the process of navigating senior care choices, match you with appropriate options that will best suit your loved one’s needs, and empower you to make informed decisions.

What is the Process Involved When Working with a Referral Agency?

To best connect you with appropriate care options, a quality referral agency will do a thorough intake and/or in-person assessment to get a clear picture of your loved one’s needs, budget, desired area and other factors that are important to your loved one and your family, prior to identifying appropriate care options.  Once your family consultant has provided you with detailed information on care facilities that might be a good fit for your loved one, they will assist you with scheduling tours at facilities of interest and can accompany you on your tours, if desired.  In addition to providing care options, a family consultant will walk you through the physician’s paperwork required by care facilities, help you to review and interpret your long-term care policy, if applicable, answer questions related to facility regulations and resident agreements and connect you with other local resources to ensure a smooth transition. Finally, a quality referral agency will walk you through the, start to finish, of moving your loved one and make themselves available should there be challenges following your loved one’s move.

How to Choose the Right Referral Agency to Meet Your Needs?

If you’ve decided that working with a referral agency is the right choice for your family, the next step is to select a reputable agency to work with.  As with any industry, not all referral agencies are created equal. It is important to ask the right questions and ensure the agency you are working with is experienced and knowledgeable.  Some questions to consider when researching local referral agencies, may include:

▪ How many years has the agency been in business providing information, referral and placement services?

▪ How experienced are the family consultants, and does the agency have enough staff to quickly respond to your needs?

▪ Does the agency do an in-depth intake and/or assessment to understand the specific needs of your loved one and your family?

▪ Do they have staff available after hours (evening and weekends) for questions and assistance?

▪ Does the agency do onsite visits at the facilities and homes they refer to, as well as conduct follow-up after placement and get client feedback on the facilities selected?

▪ After placement, are they still available to provide you ongoing support and advocacy?

▪ What is their reputation in the community?

▪ Are they locally owned and operated, and is the owner involved in the day-to-day activities of the business?

▪ Does the staff receive continuing education, in-services and training so they are equipped with the latest information about senior services in the community?

▪ Does the agency do more than just housing placement referrals, including educating families on government programs, senior service agencies, payer sources, legal and financial assistance and other resources in the community?

When it comes time to research care options, choosing to work with a reputable referral agency will provide you with the resources, education and guidance you need to find the most appropriate care for your loved one. .

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Written by Lauren Firenze, GCM


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