Yuliya Keeler

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ALW Program Social Work Case Manager

Yuliya Keeler joined Senior Care Solutions in 2023 as Social Work Case Manager. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Gerontology & Minor in Marketing from California State University of Sacramento in 2011. Yuliya chose the studies of aging for her career because she desires to advocate and be the voice for seniors. Her passion to work with the elderly started during her late teen years when she worked as a waiter at a retirement community where she connected and made friendships with the residents to whom she served food. As the years passed by, Yuliya volunteered and worked at different organizations that serve the aging population, which helped her develop a great understanding of the many need’s seniors have, as well as services and resources available to them. Her passion to advocate for the seniors never seized and at present she is proud to be part of the Senior Care Solution team who help seniors and their families navigate and find appropriate care options.

“Growing up I was fortunate to have great relationships with all my grandparents and being raised in a culture that respects the elderly for their life experience and wisdom I learned to value our aging population from a very young age. My heart goes for those seniors who are not able to take care of their needs or speak up for their basic human rights. My hope and desires are that through each day that I contact our senior clients, their families and professionals who work with them I can make a positive difference in their lives.”


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